"March 8" Women’s Day, pay tribute to "her strength"

"March 8" Women’s Day, pay tribute to "her strength"

People’s Network Changsha March 9th "Women can top half a side".

Women are using their strength to support the "half of the sky" of social and economic construction, "her strength" blooms in all walks of life.

They rushed in the front line, lifted the responsibility of saving the wounded wounded with weak shoulders; they keen insight into business opportunities, reshaping the development of business models … "her strength" is rising.

When women release the power in all walks of life, they cannot ignore those long-term obstruction of "her strength" to continue to burst into power. "2020 China Women’s Workplace Status Investigation Report" shows that in the workplace, women’s overall income is lower than that of men; entrepreneurship, due to sexual differences, traditional conceptual impacts, and more resistance. In response to the multi-resistance of women, the state guarantees women’s employment entrepreneurship in terms of perfect laws and regulations.

In addition, companies with social responsibility are also actively responding to the national call, increasing women’s entrepreneurship.

As a platform to targeting women’s entrepreneurship, cloud goods have always been committed to solving problems for women.

Different from the intensive "charge" "charge" "charge", the cloud goods are preferred to propose "zero threshold, zero cost, zero stock" model, enhance female entrepreneurial employment.

In addition, the cloud goods also provide multiple services such as full-quality goods, technical support, system training, and quen "her strength" from multiple levels, and create better for ordinary women in employment, self-value. condition. Through platform resources and multiple support policies, more and more women have achieved substantial improvement from consumers through platforms, and their family status is substantially improved, which really becomes "half the sky" that supports families. According to relevant statistics, the cloud goods preferred platform has already gathered over 5 million stores, of which 90% are female groups, 39% of female groups are full-time treasures, and this number is still rising. Today, cloud goods are still moving towards the road to lead women’s employment, one by self-improvement, smart, smart, open-minded women, in the development of the new era, "her style" in the platform development.

(Shaowei Linyi) (Editor: Luo Shuai, Peng Yingbing).

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