"Enjoy a beautiful journey" Puyang Tourism launches 50 % off the scenic spot

"Enjoy a beautiful journey" Puyang Tourism launches 50 % off the scenic spot

  "Appreciate Chinese culture and enjoy a good journey." May 19 this year is the 12th "China Tourism Day" in the country.

Puyang Peach Blossom Source.

  At the peach blossom source of Puyang, the leisure and comfortable moment during experience; the cuckoo of the stack of the stone flower valleys is embellished with this world, like dreams; Gongtan, pictures of mountains and rivers, pictures of ancient towns; squirrel jungle garden as the forest as the forest In the playground, everyone can find childhood truth and laugh here.

Stack stone flower valley. During the period of May, Puyang Tourism launched a 50 % discount on scenic spots. Tickets include Puyang Peach Blossom Source, Squirrel Jungle Park, Lie Shihua Valley, Gongtan Scenic Area and Wujiang Gallery Cruise. Among them, the first tickets of Puyang Taohuayuan, Lie Shihua Valley, and Gongtan Scenic Area launched a discount for the elderly to launch half-price (60-64 years old), ticket-free (65 years old and above), and launch non-ticket discounts for disabled people. Certificate and disability permit) to the visitor centers of various scenic spots in exchange for discount tickets; launched free discounts for epidemic prevention workers and advanced labor groups, and rely on relevant valid documents (physician qualification certificates, nurse qualification certificates, model labor certificates) in exchange for free for free ticket. Gongtan Scenic Area. It is reported that the "cloud" tourism and "cloud" viewing has become a highlight of this year’s "China Tourism Day" Puyang Tourism.

On May 19th, Puyang will show the Miyang Taohuayuan live broadcast from the media from the media, "10,000 tour guides take you travel", and the "Million Tourists" network promotion. Cultural and tourism product projects further enhance the popularity and influence of Puyang tourism.

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