It is called "soft gold" to buy! Top Fuzi Budiqi does not make a virtual body in summer

It is called "soft gold" to buy! Top Fuzi Budiqi does not make a virtual body in summer

It is called soft gold, no matter how expensive it is to buy! The head is to nourish the qi, and the body does not have a false body in summer. There are many foods with high nutritional value in nature. Among the many ingredients, especially the nutritional value of seafood, when it comes to seafood, it has to be mentioned. Abalone is a precious ingredient in China. Its fleshy and rich flavor is one of the eight major sea treasures. It is known as the crown of seafood. It is a very precious seafood and has always enjoyed a well -known international market.

Because of this, abalone is also called soft gold, which shows its high nutritional value. Although abalone is a bit expensive, as a parent, we also have to eat it every three differences. Garlic abalone by little fat man’s private room ingredients: 8 abalone, one -quarter of the onion, garlic, 1 small spoon consumption, 3 grams of sugar, one -half of raw soy sauce, one -half spoon of cooking wine cooking steps: 1. Live abalone bought in the supermarket separates the abalone and shell with a knife.

2. Remove the black sandbag behind the abalone and wash the abalone and shell separately. 3. First cut the abalone from the middle, and then put a flower knife on the surface of the abalone.

4. Abalone is installed in the shell and puts on the plate. 5. A quarter of the onions, 1 or head of garlic, the finer the better.

After the pot is hot, open the medium heat, put a little oil, pour in the onion and minced garlic until it is golden yellow. Add cooking wine, raw soy sauce, fuel consumption, sugar and other spices. You can taste while putting it. If you feel the taste is appropriate, add some water when you dry it. Until the sauce is thick. 6. Put the sauce evenly on the abalone. 7. Boil the water in the pot, steam the abalone for 8 minutes, and leave the pan. Cooking tips: selection of abalone 1. Net abalone is dark brown, with oval shape, thin edges, beads at the bottom, wide and flat bottom, high tail, large and thick meat, cut with knife cut, cut with knife cutting, cut with a knife, cut with a knife, cut with a knife. Later, the section had a mesh pattern, hence the name of the net abalone. China and Australia also produce web abalones. The shapes are similar to Japan, but the pillow is irregular, and the Australian net abalone should be soaked for many days before it can be released. The taste is tough and has a sense of wood.

2. Ji Pin Bao. Also known as Jibin Bao.

Qingdao, Hainan and Taiwan are also produced in my country, but it is currently recognized as the best produced by Iwate Prefecture in Japan.

Ji Pin Bao is high and inside, shaped like ingot, and there is an obvious line mark in the middle.

In market sales, Net Bao is expensive because of its large price, and ordinary diners cannot consume, so the market is most favored in the market.

Ji Pin abalone has a strong taste, beautiful color, chewy, and good taste.

When buying, the abalone body can bulge, and the golden color is golden.


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