The new crown vaccine of the elderly 60 and above in Shanghai is 62%, and the in vaccination rate is 38%.

The new crown vaccine of the elderly 60 and above in Shanghai is 62%, and the in vaccination rate is 38%.

People’s Daily Online, April 28 (Wang Wenjuan) On April 28, Shanghai held a press conference on prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia. Zhao Dandan, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Health and Health Commission, introduced that as of now, the 60 -year -old and above elderly people in Shanghai have completed a total of more than 3.6 million new coronary virus vaccines, with a total vaccination rate of 62%, completing more than 2.2 million immunization vaccination, strengthening The vaccination rate is 38%.

According to research and monitoring, the mutant strains of Omikon, especially the elderly who have not vaccinated the new crown vaccine and the elderly with chronic basic diseases, are very harmful. The effect of vaccination for new crown vaccines is very effective for preventing severe illnesses and deaths. obviously.

Zhao Dandan said that Shanghai is still in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control. The district actively coordinated the prevention and control of epidemic and new crown vaccination. Under the premise of the risk of the epidemic, the new crown vaccination was actively promoted by "elderly people" and actively promoted the new crown vaccination vaccination. Essence

In order to facilitate the vaccination of the elderly, Jinshan, Fengxian, Chongming, Qingpu and other districts have optimized the service mode, such as arranging a mobile vaccination vehicle to enter the community, setting up temporary vaccination points in the elderly institutions, the special car to pick up the community elderly people, set up the elderly vaccination window, etc., etc. Provide more convenient and warm vaccination services. With the continuous advancement of the epidemic prevention and control and the dynamic adjustment of the "three districts", the districts of Shanghai will continue to promote the new crown vaccination in an orderly, stable and safe manner. Zhao Dandan reminded that citizen friends who have not yet vaccinated the new crown vaccine responded positively and arranged in vaccination according to their jurisdictions. (Responsible editor: Wang Wenjuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share let more people see it.

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