"Green Tax System" encourages companies to save resources

"Green Tax System" encourages companies to save resources

"We have been exploring measures to save water in daily operations and institutional management, and the water resource tax paid is also reduced year by year.

"The relevant person in charge of Tianjin Zoo said.

Tianjin Zoo is located in the water park East Road in Nankai District. It is an institution of animal protection, science education, scientific research, and leisure and entertainment.

The park was built in 1975, built in 1980, covering an area of ??hectare in the air, in which water surface hectares.

It is understood that in recent years, Tianjin Zoo has been using water and groundwater in accordance with the annual water approved by the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau.

With the scale of the exhibition, the continuous expansion of the operating projects and the maintenance of animals in the park is more precise, the water demand in Tianjin Zoo is increasing year by year.

After the water tax reform in December 2017, the park paid more than 10,000 yuan in 2018.

Under the promotion of tax leverage, Tianjin Zoo has developed a series of water-saving system measures since 2018, and cooperates with scientific and technological means to create a "water-saving park". "Multi-use, less use.

The ‘green tax system "reform represented by resource tax is to promote the cost of measures to save valuable water resources through the incentive role of taxes. "The relevant person in charge of the Nankai District Taxation Bureau said" as the grassroots tax department, we will also actively do a good job in publicity and counseling of resource tax, and regularly carry out policy interpretation and declaration training for resource tax taxpayers in Nankai District.

At the same time, the key taxpayers do dynamic supervision, and also counseling enterprises to accurately enjoy the tax preferential policy.

According to the relevant person in charge of Tianjin Zoo, the park continued to strengthen the water-saving publicity in recent years, and developed a set of constrained water and water-saving incentives. Specific to daily specific operations, the park is currently in the houses and points The water situation is taken in the management model of the 1 table. While accurately grasping the water situation in the entire park, it will further refine the water conservation according to the relevant data. In addition, for the characteristics of seasonal changes in the zoo tourists, the park There is also water-saving modification in the garden in the public bathroom in the garden.

At the same time in the scale of the museum and the number of tourists have risen, the water resource tax paid by Tianjin Zoo has fallen by 11%, and the positive feedback effect of the water resource tax "tax promotion" is obvious. Due to the influence of the epidemics, Tianjin animal passenger traffic and water volume have been reduced in 2020 to 2021, but the relevant person in charge of the park said that in the future, it will continue to strictly underwater water for water production, and continue to explore water. The pathway of resources. (Editor: Sun Yifan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

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