The first batch of Australian and New Zealand rescue planes have gone to Tangjia

The first batch of Australian and New Zealand rescue planes have gone to Tangjia

People’s Network Sydney, January 20th. The outbreak of the southern Pacific island country of the South Pacific Island country caused severe damage and triggers a tsunami alert in the Pacific region.

The International Red Cross stated that its group in Tangjia has confirmed that salt water generated by tsunami and volcanic ash is being contaminated with tens of thousands of people depending on drinking water.

Kaiti Greenwood, director of the Pacific Office of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent International Federation, said that the urgent prince is to ensure that the people of Tonga can get safe drinking water and avoid the spread of cholera and diarrhea. Australian Defense Secretary Peter Daton said that an Australian Royal Air Force aircraft with humanitarian supplies and a cleaning machine to help clear the airport runway had left Brisbane to Tanga.

This will be the first plane that can land since Tangjiafu Amutu Airport’s runway.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison talked with Church Sorwaleni a few days ago. Morrison said the two Hercules aircraft carrying materials and telecommunications equipment had been prepared to go to Tonga for rescue. In addition, the New Zealand Air Force sent a C-130 high transport aircraft from Auckland on the 20th. In the afternoon, Nuka Aolfa, Tonga capital, is expected to be transported for 90 minutes of non-tentative supplies, and then returned to New Zealand.

New Zealand Foreign Minister Marhota said the aircraft contains humanitarian assistance and disaster relief supplies, including water tanks, temporary asylum tool packages, generators, health and family supplies packages, and communication equipment. According to Australia Broadcasting Corporation, Australia and New Zealand have promised to provide financial assistance to the Tangjia government. New Zealand will provide assistance at 500,000 New Zealand dollars. Australia promises to provide initial assistance of $ 1 million. The United Nations stated that it is preparing for remote rescue operations to avoid a new round of new crown epidemic in the Pacific Island country due to rescue contact. (Intern Wei Chengzhi) (Responsible editor: Li Hanyue, Xue Meng).

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