"Night Party School" in the "Live Room" 

"Night Party School" in the "Live Room" 

"1 minute countdown!" "Today’s rotating anchor is …" "Each party group has three must -have questions" … This is a high -frequency speech in the WeChat group of the second bureau of the Audit Department’s Audit Bureau.

No matter how busy the audit business is, every Thursday night, it will become "live broadcast room" on time, which will be spoken by rotating "learning anchors" as a keynote speech. No matter which audit site scattered, the comrades will pick up the mobile phone on time and "listen". The unique practices of the party branch of the second bureau of the enterprise and the strengthening of the team building of the party branch- "night talk" by the "two bureaus", which was kindly referred to as the "two night party schools" by comrades. "Small incision, large positioning", always adhered to the "night party school" surname party. From the beginning of the "two bureaus learning night talks", the study, propaganda and implementation of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the top priority. Ideological education, theoretical education, and party spirit education are the top priority. Under the careful planning of the party branch, the "two bureaus learning night talks" with the "big people of the country", focusing on the new era auditing "cure and preventing disease" responsibilities and mission tasks, continuously enrich the learning content, optimize the learning form of learning, optimize the form of learning form It really played the dual role of "night school" and "party school".

Since the "Two Bureau Learn Night Talk", since the broadcast, he has adhered to the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era every week, and learned the original text and talk about his experience; insist on learning the spirit of important speeches and instructions within a week of General Secretary Kinko. Military. The comrades of the young cadre theory group as the first batch of "rotating anchors", 8 bureau -level leaders took turns to "talk about party lessons" in the group around specific themes.

At the beginning of the party history learning and education, the party branch first took the party history learning and education as the main content of the "two bureaus learning night talks". A series of special studies such as the spirit of "the Chinese Communist Party’s style" have further found the accurate positioning of the "night party school" within the party branch of the party branch. direction. "Small grasped and large platforms", the party building work is big, and the second bureau of the audit of the small place is the newly established department after the institutional reform in 2018. Essence After the reform of institutional reform, the characteristics of personnel integration and personnel are scattered at different audit sites. In order to better play the role of the party branch’s combat fortress and the pioneering and model role of party members, further do practical party building work. After repeated research and planning, the party branch decided to use WeChat group as one of the main positions of propaganda and mobilization of party members.

At the same time, the use of "live broadcast" with a very strong era of times of the times, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the comrades.

Since June 2020, the "Two Board Study Night Talks" has insisted on live broadcast for 71 issues. All the comrades in the overall situation actively participated. "Everyone is a student and everyone is a gentleman."

The learning atmosphere in the "live broadcast room" is active, and the "rotating anchor" drives self -study through lectures, and effectively improves the learning effect through novel learning forms. "Small measures and great functions", since the launch of the party building and the "two bureaus learning night talks", the "night talk" has achieved a good situation of "night talk" promoting party building and party building.

In 2021, the Party Branch of the Second Bureau of the Enterprise Audit was awarded the title of "Central and State Government Advanced Grassroots Party Organizations". In recent years, 3 of the 10 audit projects organized or participated in the second bureaus of the Enterprise Audit Bureau have won the National Audit Institution Outstanding Audit Project Award; the 2019 assessment is the excellent, and the five party members and cadres have won the third -class merit and outstanding party members. The honor of advanced individuals such as the construction of the hands, the unity and cooperation of the leadership team, the integration and development of the party building business, and the active situation of the cadre team. (Source: "Banner" 2022, No. 2) (Editor: Ren Navy Signing: Ren Navy issued: Zhang Taoying).

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