Zhaxi Conference: New starting point after great turning

Zhaxi Conference: New starting point after great turning

Original title: Zhaxi Conference: The new starting point after the great turning point is a collective meeting of a series of meetings in Zhaxi after the Party Central Committee in January 1935 after the Zunyi Conference. It is also an important meeting in the history of the Chinese Communist Party.

  Why do you have to convene this meeting? As we all know, the Zunyi Conference is the turning point of the party’s life and death. However, since the Zunyi Conference was held in the extremely severe white horror in the enemy, the revolutionary situation was held, and the meeting was only for 3 days. Such as the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee, the military route and other problems have not been resolved in time.

  After the decision-making of the River entered in the Zunyi meeting, the Red Army was forced to enter the northeast of Sichuan, the northeast of the northeast of the northeast. On the way, the Central Political Bureau leads the Red Army to fight, walk, while meeting, from February 5th to February 9, 1935, in Tzi County, the combination of the three provinces of Yun Guichuan, in the waterfield village, Dahe Beach, Zhai Village held a meeting, collectively referred to as "Zhaxi Conference".

  The Zhaxi Conference completed the "Standing Committee Division" after the Zunyi Conference.

At the same time, given the adverse trend of the Kuomintang’s southwest heavy soldiers to defensive, the principle of establishing revolutionary bases in the Southwest of Sichuan or the northwest of Sichuan, the strategic decision of the flexible mobile phone of Northern, the north of China, made the strategic decision of the north of China, and truly got rid of the military. Commanded dogmatism.

The meeting adopted a resolution of the Central Committee on opposing the enemy five "encirclement and suppression". After the Zunyi Conference, Zhang Wen Tian was responsible for drafting the "Respected Conference Resolution" based on the discussion of Parties, and the resolution was passed at the Zhaxi meeting. In order to improve the combat power of the troops, it is easy to mobilize the team, the meeting decided to decide the army to streamline shrinkage, and the original construction of 30 groups was 4 groups.

Before the Zunyi Conference, due to the mistake leadership of Bogu and Li De, in the four months of the domestic situation, the central government lost the leadership of some revolutionary districts and the Red Army.

The Tashi Conference has changed the situation of "no indication, no callback" in the central Soviet area. For the continuous power generation report, the Central Committee of the Communist Party will call the Central Committee to transfer to the central branch, and ask them to persist in the Central Soviet area and near the Near Sushu District. Carry out strategies such as guerrilla war, resumed the leadership command to each revolutionary base and the Red Army.

  The Zhaxi Conference is a new starting point after the China Revolution has achieved great turns in Zunyi Conference. It guarantees that the historic transition of the Zunyi Conference is achieved, and it is also an important part of the strategic transformation of the Long March.

  (Excerpted from "People’s Daily" October 25, 2016).

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