The father and son are commended, and teachers and students are quite model! The story behind the "Guangdong Province May Labor Medal"

The father and son are commended, and teachers and students are quite model! The story behind the "Guangdong Province May Labor Medal"

  Mai Jian (left) and father Mai Zhenjian correspondent for the map of this year’s Guangdong Province May 1st Labor Medal, there are both father and son as awarded, and a moving story of teachers and students.

  Story 1 Guangzhou Tieardian teachers and students Three query models in the commendation meeting, the provincial five-one labor medal winner, Guangzhou Railway Vocational and Technical College City Rail Transit Operation Management Teacher, Teaching and Research Office Wu Jing as a representative, boarded the chairman Read the "New Year’s Eve" proposal. Two of her students sitting under the stage: "Guangdong Province May 1st Labor Medal" Winner, Guangshen Railway Co., Ltd. Guangzhou South Station Passenger Trunk Second Workshop Passenger Duty Duty Ding Fei and "Guangdong Province May 1 Labor Medal "Winner, Guangzhou Site Railway Co., Ltd. Guangzhou car seat Pinghu South Station is now the car. Wu Jing parsed the vocational education road in 2006, she has attached to the teaching and educated people, and three more people who have trained their employees for the Rail Transit Enterprises. She is also awarded by the Guangdong Human Resources and Social Security Department. "Guangdong Technical Expert" title.

In the past three years, 7 post-editing materials have been obtained, and the editor-in-chief textbook is recognized as the "National Thirteen" planning textbook. It has been rated as "the most popular teacher" "for personal growth for 10 consecutive years." Help teaching teacher.

  After 90, Ding Fiscasque has been processed hundreds of people, serving passengers, "0" responsibility complaint, successively obtained the National Railway Group, "Spring Festival", Guangzhou Good People, Panyu Good Man In Guangzhou, the Youth Youth is a good neighborhood, the 11th "Ten Jie Youth" of Guangzhou Railway Group, the nineteenth youth of the whole road, the national employee professional ethics models.

  应 宏 工作 工作 工作 年 年 总 总 总 公 公 公 公 公 公 公 公 公 公 公 公 公 公 公;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; At the same time, he was also rated as "the whole road technology expert", the "Technical Hands" and "Wranty Model" and the "Skills Star" of Guangzhou Car Service Section.

  The story 2 father and son different tracks work with the winning commendation site, the general engineer of Guangdong Ruijiang Yuncai Co., Ltd., the general engineer Mai Jian and his father – Zhuhai Qustang Lock Company Deputy General Manager Mai Zhenjian stood together, they They are covered with the red raft of "Guangdong May 1st Labor Award". "I have a technology with my father, but he is a lock in the traditional industry. I am an emerging industry developed in the Internet technology." Mai Jian said, although the father and son are not in the same industry, but the spirit of hard work is in the art. "

  "Our father and son can be commended with the same stage. For me, it really means very much.

"Mai Jian said, he has always regarded his father as its own example. He introduced that his father was in the era of poor material.

After participating in the work, his father started from the most basic workers, through the continuous struggle and drilling spirit, step by step, and struggled to the factory’s technical leader. "As a ‘creation of two generations, I am also engaged in technology research and development." Mai Jian said that he has never slacking in technology research and development over the past ten years. It is reported that Mai Jian led Ruijiang cloud research team to study Internet technology, carry out core technical research, research and development of multiple Internet basic core products such as firewall, DNS, CDN, and lay the foundation for subsequent cloud platform technology research and development.

At present, nearly 300 intellectual property rights applied for Rui Jiangyun R & D team. He participated in the invention patent application 36, authorized 19, 13 scientific research results through identification, reaching the leading level in China.

  Text / Yangcheng Evening News Full Media Reporter Hou Mengfei correspondent Wang Ya.

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