The city has cultivated 21,000 yuan this year.

The city has cultivated 21,000 yuan this year.

This reporter Zhang Hao has no reason to return personalized commitment to expand from retail to the service industry and production; quality enterprises are committed to upgrading, more than 7 days manufacturer integration no reason to return; from single store, single factory upgrade is line-offline manufacturer Accessible return … November 15th, "Satisfied consumption long triangle, Zhejiang" media ventilation activity came to Jiaojiang, and the Huali Municipal Supervision Bureau of Jiaojiang District, the development of the "assured consumption", and the participants communicate with.

Since 2019, the Jiaojiang District Market Supervision Bureau has taken the lead in building the province’s reliable consumer city benchmark, and create a leading group, issued the "Implementation Opinions on the Construction of Consumption City", and take the lead in the development of the province’s creation, " Five things "participated in the standard," 1 + X "assured commitment criterion, in the province, in the province, the first to realize the company’s assured consumption standards.

During the creation, the bureau implements the whole domain creation mode, all of the 19 departments and 8 town streets into the creation range, and the 26 people’s livelihood consumption industries that attack the masses, realizing the consumption of rest assured in the whole field, the whole industry, full-time Quantity development. Statistics show that the Jiaojiang has built 2367 reassurance in the consumption unit, no reason to return 1074 units, rest assured the factory, rest assured the consumer chant, 1 consumption country, create the total amount of Taizhou business district One quarter, agricultural rival, mobile, telecommunications, full, jumping, etc. have a creating rate of 100%.

In order to let consumers return more peace of mind, the Jiaojiang District Market Supervision Bureau also creates no reason to return commitment mechanism, based on the characteristics of the region, hold the first smart toilet integrated consumption evaluation activity. On this basis, there will be no reason to return personalized commitment to expand from retail services and production, and strongly promote the cultivation of the long-term foreign stores without reason returns, promote the intensive consumption rate of the smart toilet industry. 80%.

At the same time, the bureau also promoted the unreasonable refund of the school training institutions and tourism and other industries. 115 enterprises in the whole district established a green channel of consumption disputes, and 13 large businesses have implemented a first payment system.

Jiaojiang integrity management is a liquid, which is a minority of "assured consumption in Taizhou".

According to the statistics of the Taizhou Market Supervision Bureau, this year, Taizhou City has cultivated more than 21,000 reassurance, no reason to return the purchase commitment unit, 2,915 in the factory, and 26 rest assured consumer business districts participate in the creation of action.

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