They use loyal to guard the green of the snow plateau

They use loyal to guard the green of the snow plateau

Guarding the ecological resources, it is necessary to prevent the forest coverage of Linzhi City, which is the third largest forest area in China. Tibet 80% of the forests have focused here. The detachment has been established in 18 years. Forest and politics have duty more than 480, carrying more than 500 fire prevention and publicity, and issued a bilingual fire prevention manual for more than 20,000 people in all districts and counties in Linzhi City.

At present, professional forest operators have basically covered more than 50 townships in Linzhi, the preliminary composition of fireproof networks of group management group defense. Since 2010, the detachment has been carried out in 10 years, and the west to Song, the south of the south, and the "Thousand Miles of Machine Fire Protection" activities in Northaka, Northern Province have more than 20,000 kilometers, and fire prevention and education. Every natural village in Linzhi City. Through the continuous publicity education, Linzhi City has a total of about 15, and it is reduced to 2-3 per year. When the first sunshine in the morning, the forest firefighting refers to the warfare, and they want to prepare for daily training. From personal equipment to fire extinguishing equipment, you must check one by one from communication to spare equipment, ensuring good equipments, such as emergency, and forest fire protection force will quickly translate into the advance rescue power.

Usually, the fire safety is a profession of forest fire is a professional profession. The average ages of the forest fire brings in Linzhi City are around 24 years old. At this age, they have a curious desire for new things, they choose to Alpine is a companion with Lin Hai, guarding in this snow plateau. Some people will ask: Is there important training for forest firefighting warfare? That’s right! Training is to prevent fire, feel the only shortcut to impose confidinations, and improve the rescue success rate, and then complete maps are not as true as feet.

During the training, the forest firefighting referrals not only need to investigate the forest fire, but also record the forest area vegetation coverage, the station lever and the shape of the rotary layer, so that you can win the rescue opportunity, this is also the local people give them "mountains "The" Map "" Miles "" Thousand Miles ".

Lu Jinbao, the current Wave Middle School, said: "It is because I have more time to participate in the training task, so I specially understand the meaning of ‘training’. In the usual physical training, risk-safe training and skill training, It is a matter of normal, and the fire safety is more demand, so that the squadron all said the quality of the war skills of the war.

"The entire detachment will" stick to the polarity, not afraid of very hard, and challenge the limit ", everyone has made all efforts to improve their own quality, constantly break through the self, and constantly surpass the limit.

In the trace of the squadron, he will never have a fight for four shifts, Zhao Qing Tour, and others ran 10 kilometers. He ran 20 kilometers, and others were carrying heavy running, and he was 37 kilometers. Through high conscious training, Zhao Qing patrol is further enhanced, and professional skills have also taken sharply. The fire is the order, we must stand at 17:35 on April 14, 2020, and a forest fire occurred in Nisi Village, Bayi District, Linzhi City.

"We must immediately go to the scene to carry out save work, time is urgent." 17:50, Yang Fei, who led the captain, led more than 200 people to the fire. Most fire points are in the top of the mountain or the half-mountain position, with average slope up to 70 degrees.

The guides who participated in the fire fire stopped in the burnt jungle, and the clothes were broken a few, on the face, the neck is a wound, sweating, hot and hurt. "At the top of the top of the mountain, it is defiful. No one is exception, but the fire is the order, we must stand in front." Linzhi City Forest Fire Brigade Guifang said. After struggling to save, the forest fire in Nisi Village is finally extinguished, and all the warfaremen Victory triumph. After the fire is extinguished, the Bayi District Party Secretary Subtan is solemnly dedicated to the team’s unique etiquette: "Give the team flag to Hada, it is the most lofty respect to all of our fire warfare, every time I see the fire I am very distressed, I am very distressed, I only hope that the team’s flag will be sent forever, the disaster is no longer! "Linzhi City Forest Fire Brigade is such a fire knife striker, guarding the green, do not pay hard, loyal to the party is not negative, they Protecting 5 million hectares of Guangwen Forest in the southeast, protecting the lives and property of Linzhi City people, and practicing the "loyalty, discipline, and the people".

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