Xinhua Times: Country Revitalization To take a dry

Xinhua Times: Country Revitalization To take a dry

Xinhua News Agency, April 26th, Supreme: Rural Zhenxing To take a heart, General Secretary, General Secretary, Recently, Zhejiang has pushed the "Thousand Village Demonstrations, Wan Village Remediation" project, emphasizing a thing, then one thing, One year, then a year, build a beautiful village of ecological livable. Blue is rumored in the mountains.

The fertile territory in the eyes of people is often going to cultivate a generation of people. Build a beautiful country, realize the revitalization of the country, and need a blueprint to construct to the end, and there is a dry.

Yangchun March, the car is in Zhejiang, the mountains and rivers, should be negligent. From the full coverage of the township level road in 2006, in 2011, the rural road village village, and in 2016, the rural passenger car village village – the road construction here was the epitome of Zhejiang "10 million project", "step in place" OK, "I have been a long time" party.

At present, some places sometimes neglect the stability and continuity of the work, like to call new slogans, new plans, willing to stove, and be unique, thinking that it is not so impossible to resist it. This is actually reflected in the interests of the people’s interests. Government and eleformance.

As long as the existing blueprint is scientific, in line with the actual situation, it should be a dry. In the "International Mall" Yiwu, the local party committee government adheres to the policy of "Xing Shangjian City" for more than 30 years; in "Depressed Oasis" right jade, he served as the county party secretary led the people to plant trees, but also had more than 60 years.

These are a truthful model. The rural workload is wide, and it is necessary to deep tillage. Many places are thin, and the hand is tight, and it can not let the already put into the water.

Therefore, in the journey of village revitalization, leaders must have "mergers don’t have to be in me, and they must have me", establish the right political achievement, consider the interests of the masses, consider personal gains, and connect to the construction of beautiful villages "Relay Rod", strive for "high sesame flowers".

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