[100 seconds "斯 斯】]" Money Bag "" Green Leaves ", we all have!

[100 seconds "斯 斯】]" Money Bag "" Green Leaves ", we all have!

  In handling economic development and ecological environmental protection, there is a period of time, some places face a problem: want "money bag" or "green leaves"? General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "We must green water and green mountains, but also Jinshan Yinshan.

Ning wants to green mountains, don’t want Jinshan Yinshan, and green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan. "This deeply revealing the protection of the ecological environment is to protect productivity, and improve the ecological environment is the truth of developing productivity, clearly indicating new paths that achieve development and protection of collaborative students.

  Green Water Qingshan and Jinshan Yinshan are the visualization of ecological environmental protection and economic development. Both are never opposed, but dialectical unity. Green Water Qingshan is both natural wealth, ecological wealth, and social wealth, economic wealth.

  The green hills itself contains endless economic value, and can continue to bring Jinshan Yinshan.

  Green Water Qingshan is an important part of the happiness of the people, better than Jinshan Yinshan. Establishing and practicing green hills is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan, must have a fundamental change from ideological understanding and specific actions.

  In the green water, Qingshan is a vivid practice under the guidance of Jinshan Yinshan, so that the land of the motherland has gone, so that people live beautiful.

  The road is chosen, I have to stick to it, I am reluctant, I will be a long time, keep this square green, this blue, this purple, put the green mountains, the green hills are more beautiful, and the Jinshan Yinshan is more beautiful, let the people The masses enjoy the beauty of nature, the beauty of life, the beauty of life in Green Water, Qingshan.

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