The list of the 2nd "Agricultural Research Technology Competition" finals, 4 teams went to the field, compared to the "Ai Tomato"

The list of the 2nd "Agricultural Research Technology Competition" finals, 4 teams went to the field, compared to the "Ai Tomato"

On September 21, after several days of fierce competition and expert review, the second "Agricultural Research Technology Competition" final team list officially announced, a total of 4 teams stood out, respectively, showed Hamato, tomato, TomaGrow, Horti-ai and integration of the categorus of the Hurocks Cybertomato team. It is understood that the "The 2nd Agricultural Research Institute" is jointly hosted by the China Agricultural University and Zhejiang University, and the United Nations FAO and the Netherlands Wahingen University and Research Center provide technical support.

The lineup of the competition judges and scientific advisers is also luxurious, and the judges are headed by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhao Chunjiang, which has gathered in the China Agricultural University, Zhejiang University, Northwestern Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology University, United Nations FAO, Netherlands. Many top experts in the fields of domestic and foreign agriculture in Root University. Compared with last year, this year’s participating team is more young, hundreds of players from all over the world registration, and eventually, there are more than 120 young scientists enter the preliminy.

Among them, most of the team members of the team were 90, after 95, even the figure after 00, the young generation of agricultural research workers began to emerge. In this competition, the United Nations FAO’s representative Wen Kangnong (Carloswatson) said that "Auo Agricultural Research Technology" provides a practical platform for global youth scientists.

"Through application innovation technology, we explore a set of technical models and solutions based on practical, fuel efficiency, and promote sustainable agricultural transformation.

"After the 90s, the agricultural research people went to the field to the first Agricultural Research Competition last year, youth talents from the global agricultural digital field, jointly explored how to use technology to increase strawberry production. This year’s events still pay attention to scientific and technological practice, advocate research Technology is transplanted from the research institute to the field.

In a two-day online road, the world’s 15 teams have focused on various technical solutions of "science and technology species tomatoes". Scientists from different sectors of the world, the jury scored the team, including the team’s background, landable, technical promotion, program prospective, defense ideas and more. "Seeing many young talents with different backgrounds show their strength by participating in the Agricultural Research Technology Competition." Professor, Chinese Agricultural University, Li Daoliang, Li Daoliang, said, "We hope to make a lot of agricultural research technology competitions An important platform, let everyone in this industry work together to lead the modernization of agriculture. "WOUTERVERHEY, Ambassador in China, said," The competition focuses on innovation in wisdom and sustainable agriculture, will Inspire innovation in agricultural sectors, promote the development of the industry.

"Finally, according to statistical results, Tomatoes Hamato, Tomato, Tomagrow, Hosheng Brain Horti-ai and Tigata Cybertomato4 teams enter the final.

It is worth mentioning that the four teams of the finalists, after 90, members of 95 accounts for about 80%, and the young generation of agricultural science and technology workers have become the main force of the contest.

In this competition, the world’s 15 teams competition fierce, and some historic Hamato finally won the first place in the initial competition. It is understood that some historic Hamato is mainly taken by scholars from Zhejiang University, with new plant sensors, artificial intelligence algorithms, agricultural Internet, crop growth regulation, environmental control technology and other professional knowledge reserves, more than 200 articles The top SCI papers and 72 national patents are supported.

Tomagrow is a young interdisciplinary team, led by Beijing’s polar agriculture, as well as the "Industry and Technology" integrated team of Chinese Agricultural University, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, and the Netherlands of Wahingen University, the team not only It has leading edge experts in the field of plant science, data science and algorithm, and has a wealth of tomato cultivation experience and excellent commercial capacity. Horti-Ai, Holy Brain, is a team with scientific research and background, from the National Agricultural Information Technology Research Center, China Agricultural University, Jiangsu University and other research institutions and institutions.

Team members have a multifaceted professional configuration of control systems, artificial intelligence, tomato planting agriculture.

Tigata Cybertomato is a diversified background team led by China Agricultural University, and the concept is "science and technology."

The team was led by the associate professor of the Chinese Agricultural University. After promoting agricultural digitization and sustainable development, the four teams entering the final will go to the "many agricultural research base" in Yunnan in the near future, carry out 6 months of tomato planting finals, and the yield, quality, environment of tomato Influence, and algorithm strategy, business feasibility launch a comprehensive competition. Tomatoes Hamato said they will use a innovative high-efficiency tomato planting, using greenhouse sensors and plant sensors to determine the growth state of plants in real time, and effectively use fuel light technology to promote tomato growth and development, ultimately realize "China, intelligent, Targets for standardization, high efficiency and low cost.

According to the Tomagrow team, they will set the planting experience over the years to "rules", high yield, high quality as "victory conditions", high energy consumption as "punishment".

Through AI enhance learning, look for tomatoes in the process of reaching "victory", the best path can take. At the same time, the team emphasizes "green agriculture" and will accurately manage water fertilizer management during the game, enhance energy utilization and reduce sewage discharge. This is also the second batch of agricultural research teams that "many agricultural research bases". Last year, global youth scientists used Ai technology such as crop growth models, convolutionary algorithms, and successfully cultivated "scientific strawberry" in the agricultural research base.

Compared with traditional planting, technology increases strawberry production, and puts the output than the average of the traditional means%.

In addition, two finals of the competition began to explore commercial operations and scrap successfully applied in a wider field.

As agricultural production, my country’s development level is compared with developed countries, especially the core key technologies such as agricultural sensors, agricultural models, and core algorithms, intelligent agricultural equipment, etc., but also need to adhere to innovation and breakthroughs. .

Special spells as the largest agricultural marketing platform in China, has been committed to the investment in agricultural science and technology in recent years. Soon after this year, I have announced that I have set up "100 billion Agricultural Research" for 10 billion yuan, and the chairman and CEO Chen Lei are one. According to Zhu Jian, who has been a lot of senior vice president, "Nong Agricultural Research" is not based on commercial value and profit, is committed to promoting agricultural science and technology progress, science and technology, and further power and feelings with agricultural science and technology workers and workers. Target.

Among them, "Auo Agricultural Research Technology Competition" is one of the key projects that "Nong Ruang" special projects this year.

"Currently, there is a big gap in my country’s labor population and agricultural research and development talents.

"According to the professor of the Chinese Agricultural University, the first-line labor in my country is generally between 55 and 60 years old. After the 80s, the farmers account for less than 5%, and the agricultural digitization has become an urgent problem.

Zhao Chunjiang, a director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Zhao Chunjiang, said that in the agricultural research competition last year, we have seen many young agricultural scientists to root in the field, from algorithms, production models, planting practices, etc. Forward-looking innovation and attempts to form a group of practical technical solutions.

"We should grasp the opportunities of the times, adhere to the self-reliance of science and technology, focus on the core key technologies involved in the intelligence agriculture, and strive to achieve autonomous control, improve the market competitiveness of domestic core technology products, and provide strong support for agricultural development. .

"Zhao said.

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