Zhejiang Province’s first bird nature reserve collaborative center was established in Zhoushan

Zhejiang Province’s first bird nature reserve collaborative center was established in Zhoushan

Original title: Judicial and Administration and "Protecting the Of Fishing Island" The first bird nature reserve collaboration center was established on the afternoon of May 13 yesterday, the establishment ceremony of the "Wushan Mountain Bird Island Joint Protection Collaborative Center" is in Zhoushan Dinghai District Wuyishan Bird Island Sea is held, Dinghai District Procuratorate, United Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Dinghai Branch, Dinghai District Agricultural Rural Area, Zhoushan City Sea Police Bureau Dinghai Workstation, etc., established Zhejiang’s first bird nature reserve The center is open to the new model of joint protection of the five-winning protection zone. Wuhan Bird Provincial Nature Reserve is one of the three major bird protected areas, and is also the only provincial marine nature reserve in Zhejiang Province, which has been included in the list of important birds in China.

At present, there are 51 species recorded to the water bird, including the world’s extremely critical species of the Chinese phoenixes, the world’s endangered species, black face, the world is easy to criticize the yellow mouth.

  Dinghai District Procuratorate Senior Prosecutor Qian Weifei introduced that in recent years, there have been problems such as illegal disadvantages, illegal fishing, and destroying island reef, and in this year, the new version of the "National Key Protection Wildlife Directory" is inhabit in Dinghai District. A variety of bird protection levels in the Mountain Bird Nature Reserve upgrade, increase the protection of protection. The collaborative center will use the "protective sea, nursing fish, and the island" three guard platform for carrier, chain type combat all kinds of illegal crimes against marine life and marine environments, together with illegal fishing, illegal sewage, dumping solid waste, etc. Public welfare litigation cases to maintain marine ecological safety.

  According to the relevant personnel of the City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, the current boul island and its surroundings have arranged a number of monitors, which can both supervise the violations nearby, or observe the number, behaviors of the island, and record. Their survival status and discovery of hidden dangers. The construction of "smart bird island" is an opportunity, and the collaborative center will also carry out the "big data" sharing, analysis and application of cross-regional marine biological protection. Through the total construction of the joint, joint establishment of experts, etc., the energy-level improvement of marine biological protection . (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi).

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