Yusin Pu Hui: In the world of children, solve the problem of children

Yusin Pu Hui: In the world of children, solve the problem of children

The moss campus is a public welfare project that Beijing Yixin Puji Company should also initiate a public welfare project in which rural children will enjoy fair education opportunities.

So far, there are 16 moss campuses initiated by Yuxin Puji Pharma.

In response to the status quo of left-behind children in the Yunnan Provincial Huiyi Autonomous County, it is possible to carry out a moral education in the eight moss campus in January 2021.

The following is the experience of Chen Yu, who is homes and homes in the center of Tongzi Street, let us take a look.

For the first grade children, they will have more problems in the primary school, such as saying: I don’t dare to communicate with other children. I don’t dare to communicate with the teacher. I don’t know how to share, I don’t understand between the collective Unity and cooperation, the school students left their parents to leave their parents, and the idea of ??parents. In the face of these problems, the class teacher can only communicate with the children through private, understand their inner real thoughts, pay attention to their psychological changes, and find problems in time, solve the problem.

By carrying out a moral education curriculum, use a good mental health textbook and a variety of props, I found that each of our class will learn to learn, and learn some ways to do things.

For example, when I gave the children in the first class "music group", I used two small rabbits, combined with the scene to demonstrate two bunny quarrel, angry, or shared each other, let the children understand to integrate into the collective, Learn to communicate with others and let them summarize the good way to discuss, so that more children learn how to make friends with others. Every lesson in the textbook is carefully designed, in line with the psychological characteristics of the first grade children.

By carrying out a moral education, our teacher has a lot of methods when solving the psychological problems, and the students in the class are also very well managed, so that our students are united and cooperating, helping each other, and share each other, increase cohesiveness. Have a lot of improvements.

The previous children will always quarrel because they don’t share their lives. After learning the corresponding course content, they learn to be accommodated, know how to share their own good things, and have a lot of good friends. The most happy thing is that they have learned to cooperate. Under the leadership of the squad leader, the division of labor will clean the classroom every day, and their cohesiveness is stronger, and the students who learn well will be patiently helpful. Everyone discivalent a thing together, and the collective honor sense has become stronger, and many children have become more active in the classroom, more confident, and the fun of learning is also enhanced. Beijing Yixin Puji Company should be a semester, the teacher and the children have changed, and the children can be able to cope with the setbacks in learning, work and life. Ground on pressure and difficulties.

Help primary school students have succeeded and experience the joy of success, thereby forming a firm learning belief and enterprising.

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