Yunnan launched scientific and technological support for six major actions to build 100 scientific demonstration villages

Yunnan launched scientific and technological support for six major actions to build 100 scientific demonstration villages

People’s Daily Online Kunming October 11th (Cheng Hao) is a support and leading role in strengthening technology in serving rural resolution main battlefields, recently, Yunnan Science and Technology Department, Yunnan Agricultural Rural Hall and Yunnan Provincial Rural Rural Rural Rural Rural House "Yunnan Province Science and Technology Supporting Rural Revitalization (2021-2025)" Innovation Demonstration County (Village), radiation driving the modernization of the province’s agricultural rural modernization. "Six Actions" include: rural special industry technology upgrade special action, rural ecological environment construction science and technology leading action, rural talents revitalize scientific and technological communication, rural cultural construction technology services, rural organization construction science and technology assistance action, rural revitalization technology innovation demonstration County (Village) Construction Action.

Among them, it is clear that the total goal of fully promoting the revitalization of rural resolutions, in 2025, innovative driving rural revitalization has achieved key new progress, and science and technology supports rural specialty industries to achieve new levels, and rural ecological construction has achieved new results, and the rural talents have realized new Development, rural cultural construction presents new weather, rural organization capacity is new. The specific objectives of the action are: implementation "The ‘Hundreds of Men’ s Hundreds of Brand ‘Project", that is, "one county one industry" "one village one product" and rural specialty industries, choose 100 science and technology missions, 10,000 science and technology; focus main cultivation, scientific demonstration leading and quality improvement, cultivate 100 new management mains, build 100 scientific and technological demonstration villages, support 100 green brands, and comprehensively enhance agricultural science and technology innovation capabilities and technology levels, The construction of the Yunnan Rural Zhenxing Technology Innovation Service System is more prominent, providing a strong scientific and technological support to build a world-class "green food brand".

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