Yang Chuanjun hosted the economic operation promotion meeting of the Lateral District

Yang Chuanjun hosted the economic operation promotion meeting of the Lateral District

Yang Chuanjun pointed out that the fourth quarter is a key node that struggled to complete the full-year target task. The whole district should be deeply implemented in deployment of the municipal party committee, the municipal government work, and earnestly enhance the sense of responsibility to grasp the development, guarantee, and steady growth, and coordinate the economic development. Epidemic prevention and control, safety production, people’s livelihood guarantee and other work, firm confidence, maintain strength, and strike the four quarters to complete the annual target task to make a more firm confidence.

Yang Chuanjun emphasizes that it is necessary to accurately grasp the current economic situation, close attention to key difficulties, strengthen work initiatives, and increase the support of enterprises, and to fulfill the implementation of various Hui-enterprises policy, optimize the improvement of special support policies, improve the use efficiency of policy funds, and stimulate corporate development vitality.

It is necessary to strengthen the monitoring, analysis and dispatch of economic operation indicators, and coordinate development and statistical work, together, to make a fare, must be in order to ensure data objective, and comprehensively reflect the actual economic development in the region. We must improve the long-term mechanism of service enterprises, increase the dispatching help, and the leaders of the district government lead, visit a key enterprise every week to help solve the difficulties encountered in the development of the enterprise; Implement a precision and fine service with the company, implement the precision and fine service, and do a good job in guaranteeing.

It is necessary to make a planning of next year, and clarify the work ideas, clarify the key work, and strive to achieve "opening the door" in the first quarter.

Zhang Tao has conducted arrangements for a key enterprise visit, corporate promotion, and economic indicators.

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