Yixiang Yuxa will first starring a series of popular comics "Oriental Tit"

Yixiang Yuxa will first starring a series of popular comics "Oriental Tit"

In the story, enduring the work of the assistant, the whole family moved to the husband, and decided to put on this, no longer created. But let her unexpectedly, she hasn’t seen it in the cartoon of more than ten years ago, but suddenly fired on the e-book. To this end, I forbearance decided to start creative.

So I started recruiting assistants for myself. During the recruitment period, I met the 22-year-old Youth Orange Qianqiu Autumn. The Qianqiu respectful attitude, let the endurance feel for a long time. To this end, I have to don’t stand the view of my life. However, Qianqiu also has its own secrets … The owner’s love and career ushered in the spring, this role will be starred by the mountain mouth yargau coexisting by the active and the color.

It is both a career woman, another wife and mother, how the Yaru Ma will perform this 40-year-old female role that is deeply involved in various entanglements, is very expected. (Compilation: Wen Bo Wen School) (Source:) (Copyright:) (Copyright Notice: This article is a Japanese entertainment fashion website modelpress exclusive authorized people’s website Japan channel, prohibiting any institutions in any form, including but not limited to reprint , Adaptation, etc.

(Editor: Xu Wenjin, Sun Hao).

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