The person in charge of the Ministry of Finance revised the "Administrative Measures for Government Procurement Information Announcement"

The person in charge of the Ministry of Finance revised the "Administrative Measures for Government Procurement Information Announcement"

The person in charge of the Ministry of Finance revised the "Administrative Measures for Government Procurement Information Announcement" and reported on: [] In order to implement the "Government Procurement Law of the People’s Republic of China" and its implementation regulations, regulating government procurement information disclosure behavior, and improve transparency of government procurement activities. The Ministry of Finance has made amendments to the "Administrative Measures for the Administration of Government Procurement Information" (Order No. 19 of the Ministry of Finance Order No. 19, hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Finance) (Order 19, Hereinafter referred to as 101 order). Recently, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Finance accepted the reporter’s interview with relevant issues.

  1. Q: Why do you want to revise 19? A: First, we will deepen the needs of government procurement system reform.

On November 15, 2018, the Central Committee of the Central Committee considered the "Deepening Government Procurement System Reform Plan" to implement the relevant requirements of the reform program, and promote the formation of government procurement information public mechanisms that facilitate fair competition, standardize management and social supervision, need Revised the 19th order.

  The second is to implement the need to implement the above-in-one law and connect other departments.

In 2015, the implementation of the Government Procurement Method has been introduced to further clarify government procurement information disclosure channels, and added regulations on government procurement information such as procurement documents and procurement contracts.

Since 2014, the Ministry of Finance has revised the "Administrative Measures for the Administration of Government Procurement Non-bidding and Procurement Method" "Government Procurement Goods and Service Bidding Management Measures" and other departments and other departments, for government procurement activities and finance departments The specific content and time limit of regulatory information is made new regulations, and the relevant provisions of the 19th will be lag.

  The third is to solve the needs of highlight problems in practice. No. 19, for 15 years, gradually exposes some problems, mainly in: there is no phenomenon, concealing information, differential information, etc. Implementation Regulations, the information issuance of the information disclosure of government information is different, and there is an inconvenient information in practice, and the information sharing is not smooth. It is necessary to further clarify the information distribution channel; the relevant provisions of the 19th are open-ortened by paper media, failed to promine the network The role of the media is not adapted to the current information development requirements. 2. Q: What is the main revision? A: 21 of the No. 101, increased by 5, deleted 20, and modified 16. The main revisions include: First, the focus information release management.

In order to maintain the stability of the information publishing system, avoid frequent revision of the relevant laws, administrative regulations and departmental regulations, and the specific provisions of the 19th to delete the disclosure of government procurement information, key points, key points to government procurement information The behavior is standardized.

  The second is to delete content with the upper method. For example, in accordance with the relevant centralized procurement catalog and standards, the State Council and the provincial people’s government have removed the provisions of Article 19 of the Centralized Purchasing Directory and Standards by the Financial Sector. The third is to clarify the information on the financial department. Regulations, except for the information of government procurement projects, supervision and inspection results, regulatory information such as centralized procurement agencies should also be announced on the designated media. The fourth is to highlight the role of the network disclosure. The 101nd order will clear the Chinese government procurement network and its provincial distribution to the summary platform of government procurement information, requiring government procurement information to be released in China’s government procurement network or its provincial distribution, while deleting the 19th order clearly reporting, The provisions of paper media such as magazine. 3. Q: What is the specific initiatives of the information such as information and differential information on the issuance of government procurement information issues in the issuance of government procurement information. A: In government procurement practice, the market entity repeatedly reflects the incidence of government procurement information issued by the purchaser, not in designated channels or provides information on different channel differences, and the 101nd will provide these issues from the system design and implementation mechanism. Related solutions.

First, it is clear that government procurement information should be prepared in accordance with the format prescribed by the Ministry of Finance.

The second is to improve the principle of inconsistency when the publishing body is inconsistent with the same government procurement information issued by different media. The third is to strengthen the relevant responsibility of the designated media, which requires that the designated media should promptly issue information, and may not change the information provided by the information provider, and provide information disclosure and consultation services. 4. Q: No. 101 began to implement on March 1, 2020, how can the Ministry of Finance plan to implement and implement? A: For the implementation of 101 orders, we will actively do the following: First, through the financial department website, the Chinese government procurement network, the Chinese government procurement report, the Chinese government procurement magazine and other media, etc. Q & A release, respond to all parties concerned. The second is to train central units and local finances, explain and explain the key content of this revision, help accurately understand and grasp the contents and requirements of RMS 101. The third is to grasp the format of government procurement information format and improve the related supporting system.

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