This winter, Mingchun Sichuan eight measures to supply electricity

This winter, Mingchun Sichuan eight measures to supply electricity

[] Recently, Sichuan Province launched the ever-selling emergency drill in this winter, and the national network Sichuan Electric Power Company has also introduced eight measures for the power supply of winter and winter, through aggregation, safety, protect the people, excellent service, and fully Go to the electricity confession. According to relevant person in charge of China Sichuan Electric Power Company, the company will resolutely hold the two bottom lines of "power grid safety" and "people’s livelihood power", refine the "orderly power-saving" and "accident limit electricity" two sequence tables , Compacted power protection for responsibility; accurately implementing an orderly power supply, strictly enforce the orderly power supply plan for government approval, and implement grading partition control according to law.

  At present, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Sichuan has issued the "Sichuan Power Grid 2021 this winter and winter Ming Spring Welcome to the winter ordered electricity program", and the orderly use of electricity is included in 10,000 thousand thousands of households, the maximum adjustable load is 16.8 million kilowatts, accounting for the largest network 32% of the load. National Network Sichuan Electric Power Company clearly stricts "limited electricity distribution" "limited electricity, no secondary disaster" discipline red line, strengthen online monitoring, on-site supervision, on-site supervision In order to urge the user rectification in a timely manner, urge the government to urge the government to take mandatory measures to maximize the basic production and survival of the enterprise.

  At the same time, Sichuan Power Grid will also fully excavate the potential, and build 92 key projects before the end of the year, enhance the power supply capacity, and cooperate with the government to maximize coal, water storage, and increase the coordination of the exotic power channel; For Detang to Baoji DC transmission line, the online power line, 113 220 kV and the above power plant online line and 59 important substations (exchange stations) to carry out special patrol, complete 25 important transmission line maintenance; strict implementation 24-hour duty , Strengthen online monitoring and new technology applications, do a good job in equipment hidden dangers, and is actively adopted to reduce the power supply, non-power-on operation, etc., minimize planned stop.

  According to the national network Sichuan electric power forecast, this winter is a maximum of 53 million kilowatts in Sichuan Province this winter, an increase of 8% year-on-year, with electricity consumption of 139.2 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 9%, will face the peak winter period, water and electricity, warm supply The test of "four stage superposition" in the period.

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