Xi’an City Management: No snow, "people’s heart test", resolutely win the snow, ice attack

Xi’an City Management: No snow, "people’s heart test", resolutely win the snow, ice attack

  Women are not sophisticated, with snow, win the snow, the ice, the ice attack is to answer "people’s heart test".

The ice and snow season is approaching, November 11th, Xi’an City Management System this winter Mingchun sweeps the ice arrangement will be held in the high-tech zone, and the snow is blown to the ice attack. According to reports, in the principle of "mechanical, artificial supplement, snow sweeping, and sweeping, Xi’an City Management will fully do the winter city road, overpass, fast sidewalk, wear channel, people and bridges and other municipal facilities Snowflakes and refrigeration, strictly control the use of industrial salts, and promote the use of environmentally friendly glowing children.

  At the same time, relying on the management of various platforms in digital urban management, Xi’an City Management will further improve the "Beidou Position + Mechanized Snow" operation mode, continuously strengthen the command and dispatch and supervision and inspection, and strive to achieve urban area through "sweeping, throwing, cleaning, net" Key areas, bus roads, overpass, main roads and transportation, "Bian Qingyun, snow parking", jointly guarantee urban road traffic safety.

  Snowflakes and degeneration is people’s livelihood projects and is also a heart project.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the target task, the conference has been fully deployed from an organization guarantee, emergency plan, team drill, and extensive mobilization, "Xi’an Urban Management System Snowfall Refrigeration Work Plan".

  At present, there are 212 roads in Xi’an, 112 bridge culverts are included in the snow, with 1831 tons of solid mensters, 90 tons of liquid glow snow agent, 4542 shovel, 4016 push snowboard, 5184 , 1963m non-slip pads and other materials, urban management systems will also take advance to exercise, strengthen the rapid strain ability of "savage, smelling snow". In strengthening refined management, there is nothing to prevent operation, do not standardize the cause of road ice and other hazardous public safety: in low-temperature rain and snow weather, the road rush is prohibited, the road is rushing, and the standard work; Resolutely not allow water to overflow the street pavement; in the jurisdiction, the safety warning sign is set, and the non-slip pad is set; the ice craftscent on Bridge culvert will be cleaned up, and accidental injury is prevented.

  It is understood that Xi’an City Management has established Snow Snow Refingness Work Headquarters, and a handshal is a general command. At the same time, it is constantly consolidating the responsibility, and the problem is to pass 9 supervisor components.

In addition, it will also mobilize social forces, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the participation of the whole people, and connect with enterprises and institutions, property management units, and transportation along the street merchants to implement the "three packages in front of the door" responsibility.

  The meeting emphasized that in accordance with the overall requirements of "Washake, Bao Minsheng, Baosheng, Safety", Xi’an City Management will use the target task of sweeping snow as a solemn commitment to the people of the city, and unite the strong cooperation of the whole society, resolutely win Sweeping snow, in addition to ice attack, and answer "People’s Care".

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