The merchant has won the first battle ITF adult game

The merchant has won the first battle ITF adult game

On September 27th, China’s 16-year-old messenger’s new vendor took the championship in the first-stop adult tennis event in the career.

In the ITF Fayetteville M15 race, the business will sweep the 28-year-old British ball Whiteus, harvest 10 points and $ 2160 champion bonuses. In 2005, the merchandise schedule was 16 years old this year, but it has been won in the French Net, and the United States.

After the US Net Youth Men’s Same final, he had paid the runner-up, and the merchant has moved to the ITF International Network Event.

This is also the first time I tried to participate in the adult men’s singles.

In the ITF Fayetteville M15, the first participating business success is in the finals. The opponent in the finals in the final is the British player White House.

The game in the competition is obviously restrained by the British player. The first two serve of White House are hardships after resolving the broken point, and the business will play more excellent in key points. One level will win four The bureau, first next city with 6 to 3.

The finals of the finals did not give the opponent opportunity. After the continuous break, the winning party was locked in 6-0, and the first battle of ITF will take the men’s singles champion.

Text / Beijing Youth Daily reporter Yan Peng edited / Zhang Yingchuan.

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