What is contemporary dance?

What is contemporary dance?

  Dance is the artistic form of emotional expression as a body as a "language". In the overall perspective of art door, performance emotions is the property of artistic theory, but compared with other art categories, dances are most prone to freedom of emotion, Zhang Yang’s natural, liberation of the soul of imprisonment in the body.

Mr. Yu Ping said: "Dance does not have a strict sense ‘language’, saying it is a ‘body language’ is just a kind of a matter. ‘Longer than lyrics, the narrative’ is the characteristics of dance art.

"Mr. Yu Ping’s judgment pointed out the difference between art door class, as the art form of lyrics, how to overcome narrative crisis? In the innovation of contemporary dance, how to cooperate with lyrics ? Shanghai Song and Dance Theater, the 16th Wenhua Grand Prize Dance Play "Never Eleasant Electric Wave" can not help but make our refreshing and even let us find the answer to the above questions. "Never disappeared radio waves" can be a narrative pursuit The fineness force. As a contemporary dance, "never disappeared radio waves" reflects the typical characteristics of the cross-border of art door class. First, this is in the processing of stage space, the impressible most impressive in "Electric Wave" Deeply 26 pieces of 360-degree rotating strips.

These strips have fully utilized the characteristics of creating space, segmentation space, blocking space, but not only achieve lateral, longitudinal movement, but also achieve high high-low movement in the same space, is in the process of moving, dance Showing the same montage effect like a movie, making the scene change and transition to provide the audience with a wealth of imagination and wonderful moments.

  Second, "Never Eleasant Electric Wave" fully reflects the scientific and technological power of contemporary dance.

The movement of the strip is through the conversion track scene device, digital technology is the root cause of the strip to create fast and continuous space creation, which means dance art, especially the technology innovation of stage set technology. Today’s contemporary dance has already bid farewell to the classicity of hand-painted scenarios, but increasing the "imagination of imagination" in digital technology, especially in the means of virtual technology, constantly liberating the audience’s imagination, release the audience’s view Sex, enhance the sense of experience, so that the audience is not fixed on a limited stage theater, but to achieve a tour, experience, meditation and viewing in the theater.

In the "never disappeared radio waves", we feel this "experience" aesthetic change. In the cross-space, the dance scenarios, not only strongly promoted the development of the storyline, but also firmly grasped the audience’s perception, making the suspense become an important breakthrough in the dance narrative, can say, "Never disappear The radio wave "is a typical spy capard, and the dance drama reflects the original suspense, making the narrative very smooth and natural. For example, in the first paragraph of the dance drama, the male and female protagonists at home, and this family is a hidden newspaper, which is a place where the male protagonist is working.

Two venues interacted in a scene, the heroine Lanfen made a wife’s live behavior in the "home" atmosphere environment, and the male protagonist was in the lower level, the other side of the stage was intermittently Telegraph.

Two characters on the stage and their actions are interlaced in the two point of separation space of the same stage, and the body language of the two spaces in the rendering of the "track strip sights" of the dance, and said our party. The underground worker’s alert and environmental sinister, while the scenery is vague, fragmentated architectural image is constantly being broken and restructure, not only presents a letter of a letter of old Shanghai, but also enrich the dancer body narrative Interlaced story background, better helping the audience understand the plot.

  The dance drama "Everbright Wave" also reflects the modernity transformation of the original novel and innovation.

"Everbright Wave" achieves a wonderful story with a dance drama by giving a clear and unresponsive person in the play, achieving a wonderful story with a dance drama, better completing innovation for narrative. It is not difficult to see that the kung fu under innovation and creators is inseparable. Those who are familiar with the old Shanghai’s alleys, for the "fishing light song", for the historical manager of the Shanghai Fengyun, is fully mobilized to contemporary dance. In creating, the art of dance is a new integrated art and is also rich in modern art innovation. In addition to the strip conversion, digital technology, digital technology, and multimedia production, apparel performance, immersive performance, segmentation space and reconstruction space, and even "behavioral art" and "device art with display properties and exhibition properties" ".

It can be said that the innovation of contemporary dance is concentrated in this work, and contemporary dance is breaking the body as a single standard, which is constantly studying to other art door forms, and other art door forms can be applied. The elements are cleverly, creatively set to the elements of the dance drama.

This is the personality and highlight of "I will never disappear", and it is also a new possibility to expand in contemporary dance in the future. In the development of contemporary dance art, dance is increasingly reflected in the integrity and comprehensive characteristics of art door. In the "never-lost radio wave", we found that art is a whole system. It has long been surpassing "dance" and "drama" who dominated the cognitive level, beyond the authenticity space and hypothesis space. The stage level, surpass the aesthetic level of the fixed seating and imagination, and even beyond the standard level of "dance" and "physical" stage art judgment, "Never disappeared radio waves" make us fully feel "" The dance trait is really beautiful, but the contemporary dance drama innovation driven by "narrative innovation" has just begun, there will be more possibilities.

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