Yang Jinhai: "Anti-Durin" clarifies the basic principle of Marxism political economy 

Yang Jinhai: "Anti-Durin" clarifies the basic principle of Marxism political economy 

· Professor Yang Jinhai said that the basic thinking in "anti-Du Lin’s" is very rich.

In the political economy, the vulgar economics of Dulin was criticized, and the basic principles of Marxist political economy were clarified. "Anti-Durin Theory" has important practical significance: First, it helps to master the essence of Marxism political economy, that is, solve the economic and people’s livelihood of all the people of society.

The second is to help grasp the theory of Marxism political economics on allocation.

The third is to help understand the theory of economic crisis in Marxism.

In general, the reform and opening up for more than 40 years, China’s economy has a steady, the root cause is that China maintains strategic power, continuous innovation and improvement of macroeconomic regulation, which reflects the huge advantage of socialist systems. The fourth is to help separate economic issues with moral issues. Attempt to solve economic problems with moral issues, under capitalism, it will affect the normal development of the economy under socialist conditions.

The fifth is to help understand the role of the market and the government under the economic conditions.

Six is ??to contribute to the implementation of public ownership.

Cannot not dialectically understand socialist public ownership, establish new public ownership forms suitable for productivity development, and the destiny of socialism. Seven is to help scientifically evaluate the idea of ??predecessors, to avoid historical mismuth in the economic field.

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