Shanxi Province handles unqualified pesticide products according to law

Shanxi Province handles unqualified pesticide products according to law

  Original title: The province has dealt with unqualified pesticide products in accordance with the law. Recently, the Provincial Agricultural Rural Office has conducted supervision and spotting work in the field of pesticide sectors in the province.Products involved 68 pesticide business units, total draws, 110 samples, 102 qualified samples, and the pass rate of 102.

  Provincial Agricultural Rural House requires the municipal pesticide management departments to earnestly verify the unqualified products of the sampling inspection, and carefully verify the quality indicators found in the pesticide supervision spot check.Once the problem is found, the sale is immediately stopped and the sales have been retracted according to the sales file.For counterfeit products identified by the company, order the operators to stop the operation, immediately remove the product, track the source of the product, identify its logistics information, funds, etc., and investigate and investigate.

  At the same time, the province has established the "blacklist" system of pesticide enterprises to conduct key supervision of unqualified enterprises in the sampling inspection, including the "blacklist" of the pesticide enterprises twice.(Reporter Wang Xiujuan).

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