Inheriting Hongyan spirit to take a new journey

On April 17, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out when he was in the Chongqing inspection: "Chongqing is a hero’s land, with glorious revolutionary tradition.

Comrade Mao Zedong has conducted Chongqing negotiations that determine the future fate of China. Zhou Enlai leaders the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to launch a strong struggle with the reactionary forces, and Comrade Deng Xiaoping here leads the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to carry out a lot of groundbreaking work.

Chongqing has emerged, the Communists of the high-rise, high-wind and bright, such as the belief, not afraid of sacrifice, Zhao Shiyan and others, Wang Liang, who have been built, and the hardships, and never, and will never receive the party Jiang Zhu, Wang Pu, Chen Ran, etc. People, strict discipline, bravely sacrificed battle hero Qiu Shaoyun, and so on.

During the War of Liberation, many of the Chinese communists who were detained in the Dutu Cave and the White House, withdrawn all kinds of torture, unfrunating, and unyielding, giving a valuable life for the Chinese people’s liberation, condensed into ‘red rock spirit’. Chongqing should use these red resources, education to guide the majority of party members, cadres firmly believe in the ideal faith, develop a righteousness, strengthen the ‘four awareness’, firm ‘four confident’, and do the ‘two maintenance’, always in political position, politics The direction, political principles, and the party center in the political road.

"Special battlefield has cultivated the great red rock spirit on October 14, 1985. The leaders of the original Southern Bureau Deng Yingchao returned to Hongyan Village, wrote 8 large characters of" Red Rock spirit. "

"Hongyan spirit is in the period of the War of China and the War of Liberation, under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the Chinese Communists represented by Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, in Chongqing under the Kuomintang regime, in order to strive for national independence and people’s liberation of revolutionary struggle practice China, tempering, cultivating and forming the spirit of the revolutionary revolution, fully reflecting the lofty ideological realm of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, Communists and revolutionary people, firm ideals, huge personality, and the hustody revolution.

He said, "Red Rock" novels, "Hongrui" novels, "Hongrui" novels, is also because sacrificed in the white museum, and many martyrs in the Southern Bureau are leaders in the South China Bureau. With the cultivation, the book name has chosen the name "Hongrui" where the South Bureau is located. "Hongyan spirit reflects an important aspect of the party’s leadership of the Chinese revolution – the spirit of revolutionary struggles in the special environment in the national area . This is the special historical orientation of Hongyan spirit.

"He said the high ideological realm is the essential attribute of Hongyan spirit, reflecting the revolutionary will of Communists, and adheres to the national righteousness of the neighboring, and the broad mind of Haina Baichuan.

After the Wannan incident, the country’s cooperation faced the rupture, the central number of electricity reports asked Zhou Enlai, Dong Biwu, etc., returned to Yan’an. In order to pull the Kuomintang back to the united front of the united war, Zhou Enlai and other comrades decided to continue to stay in Chongqing battle. In the struggle of complex and difficult national districts, they have a lofty ideological realm.

The firm ideal belief is reflected in the standing position, is he is unswerving, and the unlimited loyalty of the communist revolution industry led by the Communist Party of China.

The conditions of the Eighth Route Army in Chongqing were extremely difficult.

Eat water, pick the Jialing river outside the two kilometers; vegetables, rely on themselves.

The lack of material, specialist surveillance, and the battle in Chongqing have maintained a firm ideal belief. Comrade Zhou Enlai wrote this in a letter: "We don’t have to worry about it … comrades are united like a person … don’t worry, great era is very …" huge personal strength, reflecting In a strict party spirit cultivation, the unity spirit of the same boat. In 1941, Comrade Xiao Lin, the Communist Party of China, was instructing Zhou Enlai, and opened a company with Mrs. Wang Minqing, and raised activities for the party. When the mission was completed in 1949, they dispose of more than 120,000 yuan to the party organization, and fixed assets of more than 10 million US dollars. The couple played with money for a lifetime, but he did not take, and finally, three silver dollars who will be reserved for commemoration will be given to the museum.

"Communists’ will is steel!" The Hao Ran’s revolution is angry, reflecting the revolutionary festival of revolutionaries, and the noble character of the dead, and the heroes who dare to sacrifice.

White House, is located in the waist of singles.

The slag hole in the distance is a small coal kiln.

Later, these two places were changed to detention center, detaine, trial, and torture the revolutionary scholars. On the eve of Chongqing, many of the communists who were detained in the Dregs, the Communists of the White Hall were killed by the Kuomintang reactionaries.

Jiang Zhu, Wang Pu, Chen Ran, small radish head … familiar name, solemn mood. Looking at a precious letter, a piece of drunk blood, a top yellow old photo, people are deeply moved.

"Toddy is torture, that is too small.

The bamboo tag is made by bamboo, and the will of Communists is steel! "When I was more than half a century, the tourists were still touched by this fearless sacrificial spirit when they read the prisoners of Comrade Jiangzhu. On June 14, 1948, due to the sale of traitors, Jiang Zhuyan is unfortunately catch.

The Kuomintang military specialist uses all kinds of tortures, and it is imperative to open the gap from this young women’s Communist Party member and cracked the organization of the underground party.

In the face of the strict prison of the enemy, Comrade Jiangzhu has always been unyielding. "You can interrupt my hand, kill my head, to organize it."

"One day, Comrade Jiangzhu 上海各区喝茶 has always bite his teeth. In November 1949, the new China has been established. Chongqing is about to liberate, Jiang Zhu Ji has sacrificed, only 29 years old. Comrade Jiangzhu has a" lone letter ", in extreme On the thin feminine paper, she wrote such a "ink" made with a bamboo stick, wrote this: "If unfortunate, the cloud will send you, hope to teach the footprints of parents to build new China As a sign, struggle for the communist revolutionary cause.

"" Hongyan is on the red plum, the three-nine frost is stepped on, and the three is the cold, and the heart is sunny … "A song" Hongmei ", singing the loyalty of the river and other revolutionaries. White Hall and In the two "Magic Glum" of the Dandu Cave, the revolutionaries held in the detention faces all kinds of criminals and non-human torture, but 上海徐汇区有服务的洗浴会所 they have not dominated the organization and vote from enemies.

On November 27, 1949, only 3 days from Chongqing liberation, the Kuomintang reactionaries implemented a collective massacre on the revolutionary of detained.

In the big shot of the gun, the Fire Bear’s final juncture, the revolutionary comrades did not make birth.

They are eternal in the fire. Sound ideal belief, develop a hillful righteousness "Why do Wang Pu Marty? Why is it forgetting?" Anti-response. "Our own screenwriter, you can show, introduce and explain the red rock spirit.

The ideal beliefs and heroes contained in the Red Rock spirit are leading the children to the correct life. "Liu Wei, vice president of the school, introduced many students from the new era of Chongqing, have a honorary title. In July this year, the National Network Chongqing Electric Power Company has built aid to the Hongyan Flood Disaster Relief Hongyan Communist Party Service Team and went to Zhengzhou Support.

After the team members received the mission, they walked over the night, after 1400 kilometers night, I was put into rescue in Zhengzhou, and I continued to fight for more than 40 hours.

Some players can’t help it, and they are in front of the road, and climb up and dry. Huang Tao said: "Our service team was crowned by Hongyan, this glorious name. At the critical moment, the bones are going to go, they have to live!" "We look back today, Hongyan is still huge Baolu, which has a rich historical connotation, more practical value through time and space.

"He said that the historical facts of Hongyan spirit and the historical figures contain the value of the times." Be deeply grasping the power of the red rock spirit, the power of morality, unity, and implementation. " In the great struggle in the new era, we must strengthen the ideals and beliefs, develop a righteousness, and always keep the communists dare to fight, the spirit, the festival, the festival, the bold, carry forward the spirit of struggle, and enhance the struggle, with ‘stepping into the avenue, The tenacious will of fighting and starting, is to take a variety of risk challenges and strive to achieve great dreams.

"In the journey of new era, Hongyan is still our powerful spiritual power.

Ye Weiwei, deputy study librarian Ye Weiwei, a vice study of the Hongyan Revolutionary History Museum, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and the unusual ideals and faithful ideals. Whether it is party members’ party sex education, or the ideological and political theory of schools at all levels Hongyan spirit can play an important role in enhance the effectiveness of learning education, letting red genes have been passed down. In recent years, the people visiting the White Hall and Slag Cave will have more than 10 million people; in Chongqing Hongyan Party sex education base, "八 中 中 中 厅 厅 厅 厅 厅 厅 厅 现 现 现 现 校 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现 现Win once again, thunderous applause … Today, Hongyan is a long time, deep into the heart, and constantly inherit, carry forward.

This edition coordinates: Zhao Yina typographic design: Zhang Danfeng.

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